Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jack welcomes Tiger to the Table

As the gracious host of the Memorial Jack Nicklaus must have been thinking he would be dining alone again this evening as at the start of the final round Tiger Woods was four shots back. Now four years ago that was nothin’ but a thang and you be in front of the TV with plenty of beverages ready for an exciting Sunday, but the animal that used to lurk in the tall weeds on weekends was rumored to be extinct. On Sunday not only was there a sighting but an attack as with the exception of a bad second shot on the 10th hole for his second bogey of the round, the big cat sunk seven birds en route to a 5 under 67 to not only make up the deficit but win the tournament by two strokes. With the win Tiger ties Jack for the most PGA wins of all time (73) which culminated with quite the moment as Jack was there to present the trophy and graciously welcome Tiger to a very exclusive club.

So with the Open coming up in two weeks the question remains what Tiger Woods will show up? Similar to the Facebook IPO which has failed to live up to expectations out of the gate but continues to keep the hopes of many that the shooting star still exist as once again Tiger is the favorite ( 5/1) to take the open at the Olympic Club in Frisco just outside of Tiger’s old stomping ground from his college days at Stanford. The Tiger on the prowl on Sunday was the cold blooded killer of old that you knew it things got tight his zen upstairs would keep him sub zero while the other wilted under the mid-day sun, but he has been about as consistent as warm weather in winter over the past few months. That said, for the kudos Rory Sabbatini got for calling Tiger out over the past couple of years he lost a ton of street cred after dropping his one-stroke lead after sinking two consecutive birds on 11 and 12, and watched as TW birdied 3 of the final 4 holes en route to dinner with Jack.

So with the appetizer behind him Tiger Moves on to the main course in No Cal and we’ll know after the first two days if he’s truly back or if we should sell into strength. I’ll tell you this however, if we have seen the return of the bad man, we’ll remember that chip on 16 as the moment he rode back into town.

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