Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Did anyone really wDid anyone really want to win this thing?ant to win this thing?

For a tournament that is hailed as our National Championship it sure wasn’t very impressive. It’s not so much that none the American top players were on top of the leader board at the end, or even because we let someone come into our house and take our National Championship trophy back with them on a plane, but because the play was so poor for a tournament of such high prestige. I understand the Pebble Beach as been revised to be the equivalent of the Green Monster with water hazards, but no course can or should make the winning score an even par. None of the top 5 players had cards with red ink on them in the final round with the best coming from Frenchman Greg Havret and even that was still +1 for round. The best player in the world still can not seem to regain his prior form although he gave us a tease with a 3rd round 66, but it’s clear that Tiger is not the dominating force that he once was and it will take more than criticizing his caddy and changing swing coaches to get him back to form. The old Tiger would have taken this tournament bull by the horns in the last round and immediately crushed any dreams of an underdog coming on to his turf and walking out with his hardware. Not anymore. The stigma of TW being within striking distance on day 4 is all but folklore now. And where was Lefty with his chance to wear the national crown for the first time in his career in addition to taking over the world’s top spot? He also got the better of the course for one round of 66 but paid it back with interest over the other three, including a choke filled final round of +2. I’ll tell ya, this year began with some of the best sporting climaxes American sports has to offer (Super Bowl, NCAA Championship, even the Masters) but this was a major. A major disappointment. What was your take on the final round of the 2010 US Open? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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