Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tiger 3.0 looking more like Vista

Now that Tiger has completed his second tournament since his knee surgery, the evaluations of the new and improved TW have been less than stellar. The new version seems to have more kinks then a Microsoft operating system that will need to be worked out before we’ll see the world number one in the winner circle anytime soon.
For the second consecutive week we saw Tiger Woods find himself just outside of the lead to start the final round, well within the normal striking distance, actually see the field come back to him, only to have him have a terrible final 18, and finish in the pack. Normally, if you were in the final pairing with Tiger and didn’t finish the tournament with a sub par round, then you found yourself in the gallery watching him hoist another trophy with everyone else, but not any more. Since returning from surgery T-Money has not been the same, killer he was before. Not only does he not close but the pressure usually applied by his consistency has been the exact opposite, where he has actually opened the door by inconsistent putting and not being able to find the fairway off the tee. His lack of accuracy has not allotted him many scoring opportunities and when they do come his putter has not answer the call. Hats off to Henrik Stenson, and Angel Cabrera for their victories and final round performances but if this is the new TW, then the fear factor of his final round heroics are a thing of the past and we may see a much more even playing field in the future, or wait for the service pack to come out. Has Tiger lost his stigma as unbeatable? Let us know here and in the PGA chat rooms.

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