Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vijay chokes less than Pill and backs in to victory

It what surely would have been the consolation bracket had Daddy not been out sick, Vijay Singh made the put when he had to as he was on the verge of throwing away a World Golf Championship. To say that Singh overcame some shaky putting would be an understatement but he made the only one that mattered, giving him the one shot victory. Phil Mickelson pushed the “self-destruct” button again, but took it to a new level by bogeying three of the last four holes and letting his one shot lead disintegrate. At least at the British Open the scores could be excused due to the weather, but this was just plain choking and poor play. If anyone still thinks that the PGA tour can hold viewers while Tiger is re-habbing think again. This was just plain hard to watch. You almost come to give Lefty a 40/60 chance of blowing up but this was a tournament that was up for the taking for anyone showing enough sac to step up and stake his claim. Vijay didn’t exactly step up to the plate as he did accept what no one else seemed to want. At least we know that it’s not the mere presence of Tiger that makes some of them quake in their spikes, they seem to be able to do that all on their own.

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