Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tiger needs another 18th hole comeback, wins in sudden death

After sinking a miraculous 12-foot birdie put on the 18th hole to force a playoff yesterday, Tiger Woods hit another seven-footer on the same hole to force sudden death after he and Rocco Mediate were still tied after an additional 18 holes of a playoff was not enough to decide a winner. On the first hole of ‘sudden death’ Rocco missed the fairway which opened the door for Tiger where a birdie would win it and four shots later it came to fruition. It was a great tournament for golf regardless of what side of the fence you were on, the side of the champ, battling back from surgery, to regain his status as the best in the world, or the underdog, ironically named ‘Rocky’ to knockout the champ in the last round to claim the our Nation’s Championship. Rocco did give him all he could handle but when it came down to it, he made the fewest pressure shots when the money was on the line. Further confirmation that when you have Tiger down on the mat you’d better tap him out or he will rise up and beat you, as he did twice to Rocco on the 18th hole. But, that’s why he’s Tiger, the best in world because he doesn’t fold under the pressure that most others do. The record is now 14-0 when having the lead going into the final day but it wasn’t easy. So once the knee is 100% it appears we will get more of the same, Tiger vs. someone new in contention the rest of the way. Will the next challenger please stand up?

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