Saturday, May 31, 2008

Garcia has his day, acknowledges the door was open

Sergio Garcia has finally began to fill some of the promise he showed as an 18-year old when he won his first PGA event. He showed all kinds of ‘sack’ knocking down the putt on 18 to get it to the extra hole, then stuck it within 6 feet of the pin on a windy hole that was sudden death for more reasons than extra time, as his counterpart found out. Unfortunately more has been made about his acceptance speech than his play. Firstly, he just said what everyone thought, the way the top three played down the stretch, if daddy was home they all would have been 2-3 strokes behind inquiring how much is the purse for second place. He’s been crucified in the media for the speaking the truth, perhaps because that is so rare these days. Either way he got his props, gave some props, and set the stage for a great US Open if Tiger can rub some dirt on his knee and get out there. Get off the kid, he played is arse off, came out on top, and unlike Rory Sabatini realizes he has to win a few more before he is in the same elite company as Tiger.

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