Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Master Fianl Leaderboard

Pos. Player Final Rd Total
1 T. Immelman +3 -8
2 T. Woods E -5
T3 S. Cink E -4
T3 B. Snedeker +5 -4
T5 P. Mickelson E -2
T5 P. Harrington E -2
T5 S. Flesch +6 -2
T8 M. Jimenez -4 -1
T8 R. Karlsson +1 -1
T8 A. Romero +1 -1


  1. Immleman lead the field in driving accuracy and greens in regulation. He deserved to win. Yeah, Tiger COULD have won. But, thats golf.

  2. razorbackred - Immelman lucked out really. He won with a +3 today.
    I doubt he accomplishes that again. He'll need angels.
    Congrats to him either way. He's now part of history.
    This will only fuel Tiger more though. He'll dominate.

  3. Dclyde2008 - Stop with well if tiger would have oh tiger putted horribly thats why. If phil doesn't play the 16th hole so horrible he wins or if his ball doesn't hit the flag stick on 8. Thats golf Immelman won it was his tournament to lose and he didn't. and unless tiger is tied for the lead or one shot back he didn't have a shot at the green jacket i don't care how many short putts he misses. everyone was missing today

  4. vala64 - As Tiger has admitted, part of winning a major is lucky breaks. Trevor played beautifully but if on Sat. his ball on 15 had continued rolling into the water, his score would have been higher. Everyone had to deal with freaky gusts of wind --16 was a error on Trevor's part.

  5. bumeri - The wind was part of the final round all day. Tiger had a few approach shots affected by that wind, so did Immelman all part of the game.

    But the main difference between the 1st 3 rounds and the final round is the pressure and the mental toughness. There was more pressure on Immelman to lose this and his mentality would be tested from the start of today to the end.

    He didn't fair too well in that department, he did play a decent front 9 but u could tell the nerves were building and he was affected he did have some clutch par saves though that was a key for sure

    Woods on the other hand, lets face it his putting was HORRIBLE, u know that , i know that and that was during every round. I mean i thought for sure there would of been a point during the week he would find his putting stroke but that wasn't the case and that honestly was the outcome. THere is no way Woods misses that many short short putts especially for birdies and pars. But not once did he back down nor did Immelman collaspe like the others

    I'll give Immelman credit he did play great but also have to give credit for Woods putting horribly that helped Immelman in the end of it

  6. Consider this, Immelman lead from start to finish. He lead the tourney in driving accuracy and greens hit in regulation...... and he made a lot of putts. Even if Tiger had played well, he would have had a hard time winning. Were it not for a freak gust of wind on 16, its a 5 stroke victory. Plus, Immelman missed a 4 foot birdie putt on 14, and Tiger made a fluke 70 footer. In golf terms, this was a blowout.

  7. Tigers putting was the reason why Immelman is 1st. Honestly if Tiger made those short putts he would be the winner but that is golf and he just couldn't find his putter at all when he made great approaches. Immelman is 1st because of his putter also he made a ton of par saves and great putts. The masters in the end came down to putting